JAIME – [ʧɛɪ̯m]

Jaime – that’s Joe Styppa from the south of Germany. The drummer, producer and sound designer lives and works in the countryside – with a fashionably smooth dash of self-irony – in touch with the times – and with a German accent. Geographically, he might be far out in the countryside, but mentally, he is in the center of the city: Jaime is the city, and the city is hot – and Jaime delivers the beat for its flickering, beating heart.
All this and more is contained in the hard electronic beats, soft synthlines and above all the drums: Bringing his signature massive percussion with him, Jaime shakes up the club!Jaime delivers electronic pop at its finest, technically mature yet fully authentic: Urban deluxe. Music made of pure energy that captures the lifestyle of the city. For his debut album, Jaime worked with various artists and friends, each giving their special touch to this unmistakable and yet always new project. From rap to r’n’b to trap and everything that resonates in the rooms in between: a whole bunch of tracks with a unique style synchronize to a total artwork with a golden line.

Live, Jaime convince with epochal sound and a spectacular show full of percussion, drums and brutal beats that leave no body unmoved. No genre is safe as he plays his set, ranging from hip-hop to trap and everything in between. Through the combination of drumset, percussion, synth and his voice, Jaime creates a creative and innovative kit that gains momentum and quality.

With his solo project, the exceptional artist delivers a sound that seems to come directly from Berlin Friedrichshain – and yet the man with the impressively groomed moustache lives and works in the Alps. So what? Jaime gets it, Jaime transforms the message of these times into sound: You are not in the city. The City is in you!